Baba Daljit Singh Ji (Amritsar)

Baba Daljit Singh Ji (Amritsar)

Baba Daljit Singh Ji

  • His goals and objectives are very clear.
  • His work is crystal clear and transparent, nothing is behind the curtain.
  • He visualises each individual equal and loves humanity.
  • He imparts knowledge of oneness and preaches that each individual is blessed and have the capacity to approach God.
  • His devotion and dedication is beyond limits.
  • He serves humanity selflessly.

Date of Birth: 24th March 1964

Place of Birth: Preet Nagar, Amritsar

Institute: Bakhshish International Charitable Society®

Brief Biography:

By the grace of God, Baba ji, the embodiment of the spiritual incarnate was born in the blessed home of S. Gurbachan Singh and Smt. Harbans Kaur on 24th March 1964. He was brought up with great love and affection by his parents as well as by the renowned Punjabi novelist S. Nanak Singh Ji. Babaji got his education from Preet Nagar and Bhilowal Amritsar (Punjab).

Baba Ji got his primary education from Preet Nagar and Bhilowal, Amritsar. After attaining age of 18 years he enrolled in Army as a clerk. During service period he carried his aim of enlightening people towards God. He got married with Bibi Paramjit Kaur on 1st May 1988. Considering the importance of his aims of serving the humanity, he took pre-mature retirement on 31st March 2000 despite of promotion.

During service, considering the importance of human beings, he registered a charitable society with the name of Bakhshish International Charitable Society and appointed devoted members and prepared constitutions on the lead path of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Babaji himself work hard (Kirat) and encourages mankind to do the same along with the recitation of the name of Al-mighty.

Babaji established many meditation and service centers at various places by the name of Bakhshish Dham.